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by: Cathy Colangelo, PHR, CC             

Certified Life & Career Coach              




Are you ready to make your life happen?


Let Me Help You  “Make Your Life Happen”


I was unfocused and just going through the motions of everyday life.  I knew I could do more but didn’t know what that was or where to even begin a search.  Then I discovered the Life Purpose Institute and the Life Purpose Process ă developed by Fern Gorin. 


The Life Purpose Process ă is a focused and results-oriented process that allows me to help you address your specific needs and goals.  The coaching model that I use takes into account all aspects of you as an individual – your strengths, weaknesses, time constraints, fears, dreams, abilities – and guides you to making the most satisfying life and/or career choices.  It’s a creative “whole life approach” that allows us to bring the pieces of your life together naturally so that you can discover and/or uncover what you need to do to make your life happen and not just let it happen to you.


As part of my training for my certification to become a Life Enhancement and Career Coach, I went through the Life Purpose Process ă.  It was that process led me to realize that I wanted to help others make their happiness a priority and be able to guide and support them in setting and achieving goals in order to make positive changes and live their life “on purpose”.



What is the Life Purpose Process?

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