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Life Enhancement & Career Coaching         

by: Cathy Colangelo, PHR, CC               

Certified Life & Career Coach               




Are you ready to make your life happen?


What is a Life Enhancement and Career Coach?


An athlete that wants to be the best in his or her sport may hire a coach to guide and challenge them to reach their goal of becoming an athletic champion.


A Life Enhancement and Career Coach is a professional that unconditionally supports, empowers, challenges and motivates you to live the most satisfying, fulfilling life that you possibly can.  


A coach helps you to look at things from a different perspective.


A coach helps you to figure out how to go with your “grain” or nature and not against it.


A coach helps you “think out of the box”.


   A coach helps you create a specific plan to achieve your immediate, short and long term goals and helps you determine clear action steps and a specific timetable for reaching those goals.


A coach holds you accountable for carrying out those action steps.


A coach works with you to uncover and move past specific blocks that may have gotten in the way of achieving your goals in the past.


A coach helps to keep you motivated as you face the challenges that come before you as you strive to live your best life possible.

A coach can gives you step-by-step support and an accountability structure that can make an enormous difference in successful accomplishment of all of your goals.


A coach gives you unconditional support and encouragement.


A coach is a Trainer for Your Soul.



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